COVID 19 Vaccine thread.

Zero. He’s got a massive majority

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Yeah but, it’s Boris you know there will be a little voice inside his head saying he could get a bigger majority.

Toynbee floated this idea the other day. Argument is that things start going downhill economically pretty much as soon as the vaccine’s done.

Surely they can’t win more seats than last time

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Really, oh god I’m having similar thoughts to Polly Toynbee. Although my thought process was more he’s a shit who can’t help to massage his massively inflated ego than any political reason. Just read it seems fair enough reasoning although my wild speculation is better.

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Gets another two years though doesn’t he.

Who is that?

We’ve got loads more vaccines than the EU they just go to another school


No Watt’s that.

That is Nicholas Watt, the Newsnight correspondent.

I’m not sure whether he believes this tosh that the government are briefing about their vaccine procurement, or whether he’s telling everyone with a raised eyebrow.

The post above it makes the claims in Playbook sound pretty laughable though.

Well if you choose to believe any of it I guess.

Hey leave me out of this!


Both I guess? Yet another story to create where they can play both sides

I’m rather shocked it has gone as well as it has. Had a phone call with my Mom in Canada the other day and she spent 10 minutes ranting about how bad the rollout is going there. My Dad is 89 and he’s not expecting to get his first dose until June.

Steve’s uncle is booked in Sunday for his first pint of Pfizer :partying_face:


300,000 vaccinated today. That’s very impressive considering its still not fully rolled out.

Was listening to the recent This American Life (Ep 729) during my run this morning* where they mentioned that with the vaccine there (Pfizer, I assume?) once you open the packet/vial? you have 10 doses and you need to administer them within a few hours, meaning the logistics are very tough because you don’t want to have to waste a single one due to people not being there when needed.

Sounds like a complete nightmare. :frowning:

*: don’t actually recommend it for this. There’s some big tragedy in the first story and it turns out it’s really hard to maintain a run while trying not to sob.

I got my first last week (Pfizer). Our trust is smashing it wrt staff vaccination tbf, got a sensible booking system, then grabbing staff off wards to book/consent when they’re not busy. Extended hours too.

Localised pain around injection site aside, no systemic issues at all after the jab.


Husband’s grandad who lives in a care home has had his first dose :partying_face: hope this means he can have visitors soon, he’s been bored as hell this year