Covid friendly filth thread

It’s a typical Guardian clickbait article, but if you were wondering, here’s some experts views on whether oral sex is more covid friendly than snogging:

Personally, I’m not sure I’d want to skip the snogging and go straight to oral sex, but then I’ve not been courting in a pandemic.

Let’s do some (anon) polls

  • I’ve kissed someone outside my bubble in the last year
  • I have not

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  • I have had oral sex with someone I haven’t kissed
  • I have not

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Please continue to be filthy below

Prediction of when the thread goes unsexy

  • Posts 1-5
  • Posts 6-10
  • Posts 11-20
  • Posts 20-49
  • Posts 50-99
  • Posts 100+

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Read yesterday that covid can cause erectile disfunction but is not sexually transmitable

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Erotic acrostic poetry: safety edition

Call your local emergency services
Wing and let them know
Before we kick off on our wild
Assignment of physical practices
For I can guarantee
There will be at least one unexplained arse fire


There you go :+1:t2::grinning:


Has it really been illegal to sleep with a stranger since 22nd March 2020?

I thought there were periods of non full lockdown when it was ok? Did I dream that?

Dunno, were the sheets sticky when you woke up?


No more than usual

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Maybe you’re right - it did feel like there were periods towards the end of the year when rules were very much relaxed

It’s just how it was worded in the article. I know it was going to be ok for a few days over Christmas to spend the night but then it wasn’t

Of all the weird symptoms, not one of the covid symptoms involved drastically altering people’s perception of whether I am or am not a banging hotty


Maybe down south but definitely never been legal up here. Though we’ve not had a breakdown in lockdowns really at all.

Here’s another poll for you

  • having the jab has lowered my libido
  • having the jab has increased my libido
  • having the jab has left my libido unaffected
  • I haven’t been jabbed, but have I mentioned how much I like polls?

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Ok I have a genuine filth related query

Best water based lube?

Everything I’ve bought in the past is really sticky and shit.

Anyone got any favourites they can recommend? Ideally something that can be got in boots or wherever but online is cool too

Whatever you’re into, cowboy


I’m really into people calling me Cowboy so thanks for that


But enough about the covid oral sex



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Durex Play is fine and available in most supermarkets if you don’t feel irrational shame at having someone scan sex lube

I’ve got a durex play (massage 2 in 1) one and it’s one of the too sticky ones. Sounds like the regular one might be better

Recently got a more expensive Hanx one and it’s exactly the same