Covid friendly filth thread



I don’t know how different the 2 in 1 is to the standard one (I see they’re both water based) but it’s the original that I think is ok.

I had a mild allergic reaction to Hanx lube once (and ONLY once)

I really need to just crack open the bottle in Sainsbury’s and give some a bit of a sample squidge

I’m sure they’ll be fine with that, I could grab a loose nana

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I’m impressed by your cougar chat up skills


Related to the OP…

Non-pandemic times - I have had oral sex with someone I haven’t kissed

  • I have
  • I have not

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Silicon based lube definitely not an option? Cos I agree, water based is annoyingly sticky :-1:

Due to a medical issue we can no longer use the contraceptive coil, so I’m going to have to start putting on condoms. Honestly hate the little bastards, might just give up on the stuff that might make a baby entirely, the other stuff is better anyway.

can’t imagine any sort of sexual activity without kissing.



lego? crosswords? video games? drinking?


  • sexy
  • mischievous
  • neither
  • sexy and mischievous

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Yeah could be - I’ve never tried it. You have to keep it away from silicon toys apparently but that’s not really a problem

Oh there’s a lovely one i used to get. I’ll see if i can remember the name of it later

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Honestly I feel a bit faint at the thought of having something poked through my cervix and into my uterus. I sympathise with anyone who has difficulty with confoms but can’t help feeling that they’re getting a better deal than a person who has to have a coil put in.



Yeah, tbqf, cry me a river, people who don’t like wearing condoms.


If you have Amazon prime I recommend setting up a confom subscription.

Yeah i don’t mean to pick on @Konichiwa_Bitches based on what was probably a fairly thow-away remark but the alternatives to condoms aren’t great when you consider the overall impact to both parties, not just the penis




Edit : accidental post non abandon

Got my consultation in a few weeks!

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