Cow turns it's back on a life of domesticity to join herd of wild bison

Quite good


Where can I subscribe to bad ant’s cow facts?

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I don’t really know much about cows. We could use this thread to do some cow research I guess?

I’m in.

Big fan of these

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This has been the sum of my research so far:


Thread title immediately reminded me of moker quitting his job. Guaranteed that cow will return to farm life within a year.

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But with a richer, fuller level of experience and enrichment as a result of this

A very mooving story.


I agree

Passing judgement on the other cows Olaf-ing along.

Okay, time to nip this in the bud. THIS IS NOT A PUN THREAD

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Cow facts!

Before the foot and mouth disease outbreak, cows used to roam Epping Forest freely (it’s why there are cattle grids in the road as you exit the A12 in Leytonstone).

This included the area of open grass and woods around Wanstead, Aldersbrook and Leytonstone, so you’d get sights like this, in the terraced streets:


You’ve redeemed yourself with this post. Very, VERY good.

run wild and free, cow!

(sorry saps)

Here are some photos of baby highland cows (or “calves”):

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I completely love all of them

they’re annoying and dumb

But enough about the posters of eh!

Let’s see if the other users of DrownedInSound can step up to the plate as well.

I get very nervous about the tourists in Cambridge who go right up to the cows on Midsummer Common and touch their faces. Those cows will FUCK YOU UP, and they’d be right to do it.