Crack Cloud

Yeah get that… it doesn’t have the flow of the last album at all. I would suggest skipping the first two songs. It’s much better without them

Given this 3 spins now and I’m just so disappointed. Absolutely loved their last one but there’s just no songs on this. Just seems like a mish-mash of half baked ideas.

I think i’m in much the same position as you. This is just doing nothing for me. So disappointed.

In contrast to nearly everyone else here, I wasn’t a fan of the previous album, found it quite irritating, but I’m here because I’m finally checking out the new one and I’m really enjoying it (only the title track missing the mark for me).

I’ll need to give the first (edit: second) album a spin to see if I misjudged it, otherwise it seems they have transitioned from a you lot band to a me band.

Feel similar tbh, or at least that the standout ones on the new album work for me on a level they never reached before

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Quick recommendation for fans of CC. Been enjoying this EP by a Scottish band called Humour. Big Crack Cloud vibes with a singer who sounds a little similar to Austin from Parquet Courts. Quite a weird and wild EP. Reckon some of you may dig it, especially @Tuna . Alive and Well and Jeans are the highlights for me.


Saw you post this elsewhere too hah, nice one, will check them out tomorrow

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yeah very up my street, nice one

New live album out on 1 September:

I was at this gig and I’ve thought about it a lot since. It was really special - I hope the full recording is as good as I remember the sound being on the night. The older tracks were huge.

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Revisiting Tough Baby this week. It’s even better than I remember. It’s an absolute epic

This still stands though:

Really enjoyed this. I see they’ve released another single since you posted

CC-adjacent band announced some tour dates

Mock Media comprises Garnet Aronyk (of Crack Cloud), Bennett Smith (of N0V3L), Austin Boylan (of Pottery) and Evan Aesen (of Painted Fruits), and they have released their debut single Modern Visions via Meat Machine Records.

know they’re playing Glasgow in November, but can’t find any more listings. Just keep an eye out

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The Lanes, Bristol. Sunday 12th November.

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bad promo it seems

I’m guessing they are doing a tour since they are playing Gorilla in September

They are also playing Brude in September. Would be funny if their entire tour was two cities less than an hour’s drive from each other

Few more

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i love this

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