I don’t think it’s an overeaction to say it might be the greatest British TV drama. I mainly re-watched it because of where it was filmed, i’ll be honest, it documents pre-bomb Manchester pretty superbly, but i was blown away by it, particularly the Penhaligon/Jimmy Beck stuff. Geraldine Somervile, not Coltrane’s the star of the show for me.

Remember being particular blown away by the one about the lad with the stammer, and the Robert Carlyle episode. I’d advise people not to watch the two later episides, where Coltrane’s past his peak and some of the writers had left.

When you watch some British TV dramas, particularly those made between the late 70s and early 90s it’s hard not to be a bit misty-eyed. Felt like we had some absolutely brilliant screenwriters around that time. Where did they all go? Maybe they were just a reflection of the times. We could probably do with a few now.


Rewatched it a year or two ago. Yeah, it’s brilliant. As bug mentions, the Carlyle episodes are some of the best tv I’ve seen

Deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the sopranos and the wire when people are talking about best tv ever for me.


I also rewatched this a couple of years back. Possibly even better than I remembered it from the time. So many great acting talents near the starts of their careers too…




is it on Netflix/ Amazon or something? Would definitely like to rewatch.


National Treasure or Cracker?



I gave up on National Treasure



a) pick up on your reference
b) mean to reply specifically to you

but thanks for replying anyway


You’re welcome Tim! Just checked All 4 and Cracker doesn’t seem to be on there unfortunately. A cursory Googling suggests its on Netflix?


I haven’t watched other flagship programs in that era like Boys from the Black Stuff and Our Friends in the North. But really should. Cracker stands out as a standard thriller, but there’s so much going on with the character development and tensions it’s awesome. Just watched the Mad Woman in the Attic episode and the scene where Beck and Billborough are in the back of the car with the guy with amnesia. Incredible stuff. As is the whole Carlyle episodes.