Cracking album, this.


My favourite of his. I like the vocals, which I seem to remember at the time people really didn’t.

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I like that they pop up on certain tracks and not others

If I listen to this and it isn’t any good so help me god

You listened to it yet prick?

Yeah, I like it.

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Love it. My second favourite of his after Talk Amongst The Trees. Guitar loop Eluvium > Piano Eluvium

I also seem to be in the minority of liking this Eluvium album the most. Particularly because of the vocals I think, which help really lift the whole thing for me. I somewhat obsessed over this album at the time. It really struck a chord with me.

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Also this Four Tet remix is amazing:

And this Nick Zammuto one too:


Cracking album, Gromit.

1-0 @jordan_229

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Strangely huge, Eluvium (610k listeners, 14+ million scrobbles on Then again he’s been at this for ages and I always forget that. Physical copies of his albums are a right bastard to get hold of in the UK though.

Lots of ambient artists have got huge play counts on Spotify due to placing on playlists, dunno if that carries into

Remember listening to ‘Copia’ a bit around the time it came out but never investigated further until recently when I chanced upon ‘Nightmare Ending’ and quite liked that too. Where to next? Is ‘Similes’ the place to go?


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It’s the outlier in that it has actual signing on it, which many find off-putting, but I really love it.