Craft Beer Hotel


Free flowing Punk IPA on tap in your room, “curated” mini bar, shower beer fridge. This is a terrible idea. Why would anyone not just drink themselves into a stupor constantly.

It’s so… unhealthy.


They announced this years ago for Ellon, and it never happened (lots of run-ins with the council as I understand it). They failed to hit crowdfunding targets for the rest of their US plans, so would treat this with great scepticism.


artisan toast bed & breakfast


However nice the beer is, a hotel with no other purpose than drinking beer. essentially a pub that you fall asleep then wake up and start drinking again.

I’m appalled but partly because I’m quite drawn to the idea.


What other purposes do hotels have though? Shagging and kipping. Throw in some good beer and you’ve got yourself a cracking weekend.

Would prefer other breweries, but I’d give this a whirl.


Singing the thread title to this tune:


File alongside this monstrosity.

Brains Brewery have closed a historic Cardiff music venue to open this shithole. Gareth Bale can do one.


nothing says grim like drinking pints, alone, in a hotel room.

and sod even drinking pints with other people in a hotel room tbqfh


How about with me?