Craft, Tat and Chat Thread

Hello everyone!

Got any crafty projects on the go? Any planned for the future? What about thrifty finds? Let’s see it!


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Yes finally!

Are there any crafty dissers out there who are interested in (beaded) jewellery making? I went through an obsessive phase a few years back and bought a ridiculous amount of glass beads. Haven’t touched them in years and now that I’m moving I’m thinking I should pass them on. If anyone would like some to have a go let me know.

Ooo, this is very pretty! Good idea :blush:

Also Escape to the Chateau has just started on 4. It’s always good for random crafty projects.


It’s mental that that sells for £30, the amount of man hours that must go into producing it…

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I’ve never seen this! My Mum has mentioned it tho. I figured it would just make me angry and jealous that I do not own a chateau :joy:

Can I just say I wish I was good at embroidery, check out this denim jacket this very talented person added to

It’s amazing!


would quite like to get into carpentry. there’s a massive, massive disused floor of the apartment block here that I might sneak up to and set up a small workshop in if anything comes of it.

would quite like to just make small items like bowls, spoons, maybe a box, that sort of thing.


Ooo! yes! I would too.

I’m so sad I don’t live closer to my parents. My Dad has an incredible work shop! He’s so busy too, I would love to work on a project with him some day.


would also quite like to have an action shot of myself with tools ala @xylo


didn’t even mean this one but :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


No way!

I guess woodworking is more what I’m talking about actually. carpentry relates more to building houses/decking etc i think.

thats the one! :smiley:

Thank you for your contributions. This thread has now already peaked :smiley:

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Am I boring for thinking this isn’t boring? :scream:


tell us the truth, did you know what you were doing with that Festool 2200W router?

My Dad taught me to push the big red button if I were to ever hear him screaming whilst using his lathe. Thankfully I never had to.


pro-tip, do not google ‘lathe accident’.

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Jeeeeewhizz :grimacing: that sounds truely terrifying!!

My Dad’s lathe was for metal work so you’d presume that would be worse but… I guess not!? Haha!! Uggh.