Craft, Tat and Chat Thread


Hello everyone!

Got any crafty projects on the go? Any planned for the future? What about thrifty finds? Let’s see it!



Yes finally!

Are there any crafty dissers out there who are interested in (beaded) jewellery making? I went through an obsessive phase a few years back and bought a ridiculous amount of glass beads. Haven’t touched them in years and now that I’m moving I’m thinking I should pass them on. If anyone would like some to have a go let me know.


if I find the time im gonna make something similar to this


Ooo, this is very pretty! Good idea :blush:


Also Escape to the Chateau has just started on 4. It’s always good for random crafty projects.


It’s mental that that sells for £30, the amount of man hours that must go into producing it…


I’ve never seen this! My Mum has mentioned it tho. I figured it would just make me angry and jealous that I do not own a chateau :joy:

Can I just say I wish I was good at embroidery, check out this denim jacket this very talented person added to

It’s amazing!


would quite like to get into carpentry. there’s a massive, massive disused floor of the apartment block here that I might sneak up to and set up a small workshop in if anything comes of it.

would quite like to just make small items like bowls, spoons, maybe a box, that sort of thing.


Ooo! yes! I would too.

I’m so sad I don’t live closer to my parents. My Dad has an incredible work shop! He’s so busy too, I would love to work on a project with him some day.


sad isnt it :frowning:

I mean, I’m not put off my the price but I’m not sure if I want crabs or another animal (or several)


would also quite like to have an action shot of myself with tools ala @xylo



didn’t even mean this one but :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


i know i thought i’d bring out a different one as opposed to router one to mix it up :smiley:


(carpentry is super fucking fun)


No way!


I guess woodworking is more what I’m talking about actually. carpentry relates more to building houses/decking etc i think.



thats the one! :smiley:


yes. if you want to do box making etc that’s woodwork. bowls would be turning. spoons potentially even carving/whittling :smiley: