Craig Finn - God in Chicago

This is marvellous - great video too.


the album is brilliant too, one of my favourites of the year so far

Unbelievable song - love that his solo stuff is finally finding its feet.

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Wow, just brilliant.
Just listening to the album now - best thing he’s done since Stay Positive.


I haven’t loved the rest of the album as much as I love this song, but I’ll probably try again with it.

yeah this song is incredible. rest of the album is solid but this is by miles the best thing on it.

Birds trapped in the airport :heart::heart::heart:

^ this

After a couple of listens I have to agree. First solo album was okay, the second I forgot even existed :expressionless:

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Giving the album a few listens and I’m really enjoying it. Looking forward to the Courtyard theatre show tonight.

All his solo stuff has get better with each album, the last one and Newmyer’s Roof ep were good too.

Great track. Rescue Blues is the song I’ve been rinsing off the album though - there’s something really warm and uplifting about it. I’ll third that ‘best thing Finn’s done since Stay Positive’ motion.

Late to this song but OMG, incredible


Those new Hold Steady tracks are on Spotify now too and be compiled into a mega four-song ep.

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