Cramp Thread

I have a theory based purely on my own experiences that you get less cramp as you get older.

Views etc?

I only ever got cramp from drinking excessive amounts of cider and I stopped drinking it a couple of years ago… So yes!

Cracked it.

Good work Witches.

ccb you can trash this now. You power-mad fool.


Is that not just because we don’t do anything because we’re too old?

As you wish

It was really terrible. I’d get it in my sleep and literally wake up screaming.

Okay, @saps and etc.

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Sanity is restored.

ccb will be in the stocks for the next twenty minutes, get your mushiest fruit and veg ready.


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it’s due to gravity (which is a hoax), hang upside-down and the gravity becomes a medicine (rather than a toxin) and cramp will go away

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This has a ring of truth about it.

david avocado wolfe said it and the big pharma companies don’t like, you know what that means?

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I certainly think this is true for most women at least

I fucking hope so. I have poor circulation and when my feet get cold I get intense cramp in them and it’s fucking excruciating.