Crap covers by artists you like


:grimacing: :grimacing:

This is probably the only Slowdive track I don’t like…

By contract, here’s Primal Scream with a great cover of it…

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That Swans cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart (that Michael Gira has quite correctly disowned).


I like the weezer cover :smiley: very marmaduke duke


Great album (possibly their best) but I think this Lalo Schifrin cover was a mistake.

Yeah she doesn’t have the best track record of covers, this cod reggae Elton John cover is next level bilge

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i’d also say the first half of but when it moves into the jazz swing stuff, its pretty funky

God they did some rotters didnt they

Not crazy about Come to Daddy either

The Beach Boys - Rock and Roll Music

The Beatles did a pretty decent cover of it, but the beach Boys should have left it alone and stuck to what they did best, leave songs like that to the rockers.

worst Smiths song by quite some distance

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actually speaking of the smiths

both awful


Yeah i was gnna put LILY but i hate metal covers where its just the same song but being screamed

Although I actually like this cover, I can see how some people would find it like sacrilege.

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one of the worst songs ever released imo


This is awful;

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Maybe these don’t sound so weird if you are American

I like this far more that the Smiths version.