Crap or Classic?


Aztec Camera - Somewhere in My Heart

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All those songs from the 60s/70s that are basically one riff / chord progression all the way through… All crap. Brown Eyed Girl, All Right Now, House Of The Rising Sun, Wild Thing… All crap. Sweet Home Alabama: crapola.




I’d possibly give House Of The Rising Sun a pass but yeah… Not a fan in general.


That’s The Chain m8 (I can’t remember Everywhere)


Any of the new mods want to take care of this immediate ban?


This is a forum where like a third of the users think Steal My Sunshine is crap. Clearly anything goes.


It was a trap to snare any wronguns.sorry guntrip,but that’s a perma banning!


why change up a riff when they’re so good?


Together In Electric Dreams - Phil Oakey

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Wait aren’t you a big low fan???


U2 - Lemon

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I guess Low songs benefit from the sparseness and simplicity of the arrangements. Those 60s/70s songs just sound like stoned baby boomers having an indulgent jam.


Yeah I can see where you are coming from to an extent but I think it’s probably more just all the crap pub dad cover bands that have ruined it that kind of song.


Yep there is definitely an extent to which they’ve been ruined by association!


Don’t you think there is a danger you are missing the point of pop music?

These songs are meant to cut through on a tinny AM radio- they are designed to be simple, immediate and memorable rather than to show off a load of complicated chord progressions. There are plenty of reasons of dislike some of them (most prominently over familiarity) but simplicity is not one of them.

If you reject music built on simple riffs and progressions with lots of repetition you are rejecting not just these songs but most of pop music, punk, disco, soul, funk - pretty much any music that’s fun - plus, as @Bamnan points out, a lot of more avant garde stuff as well.

Remember prog rock. It didn’t end well.


I’m not rejecting all those things. I’m just saying that there is a definite thread through those songs: they sound like they were written in an evening whilst the band members were stoned or something. Plus the songs suffer in association with (a) dreary, smug baby boomers and (b) crap pub bands.

Additional: listening to Sweet Home Alabama is the opposite of fun imho.


I don’t like Sweet Home Alabama either, or most of the individual songs, I was just reacting to your general point.

I think mostly you dislike them because various associations they bring to mind rather than anything inherent to the songs themselves (which is fine and understandable- we all dislike things for those sorts of reasons). It was just that your initial post suggested that these songs are ‘crap’ because they don’t have enough chord changes. That is nonsense.


I really liked it at the time, but don’t care for it now.