Crap or Classic?


A bit fan of Roll To Me, if only for the extreme L-R panning on the production


Never heard of it mate. But then again, i consider mike and the mechanic’s classic to be ‘the living years’ and had never even heard of that other one everyone goes apeshit for.


Just checked - kiss this thing goodbye didnt even make the top 40!!!

What a massive historical injustice


Del amitri’s classic

  • Kiss this thing goodbye
  • Roll to me
  • Nothing ever happens
  • always the last to know
  • dont come home too soon
  • Crap

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David Bowie - The Laughing Gnome

  • Crap
  • Classic

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all classics are almost universally crap
but not all crap things are classics

these polls should allow you to choose both!


Always the Last to Know was Deacon Blue wasn’t it? Anyway, the answer is obviously Nothing Ever Happens.


I didn’t actually read OP.


don’t fear the reaper

  • Crap
  • Classic

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California Dreamin’

  • Crap
  • Classic

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Stayed in an Airbnb in Berlin where there was a cd player and the only cd was the best of a flock of seagulls, listened to this so much.


I didn’t read it either, sorry


Best Duran Duran song

  • Rio
  • Girls on film
  • Hungry like the wolf
  • Wild boys
  • Other
  • Pretending they’re all rubbish

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Forgot a view to a kill but thats wrong anyway


No save a prayer??


Fuck! Mods!


I saw the sign

  • Classic
  • Crap

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Dud poll. Where’s Tell Her This?


Weezer - Maladroit

  • Crap
  • Classic

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The living years is their classic


The Reflex!