Crap or Classic?


Have you stabbed yourself yet? Due to the playlist! This is not some passive aggressive taunt.

Or is it?


Haven’t started listening yet! I’ll let you know when it’s over. Or maybe not (due to stabbing myself).


When I was young and punk as fuck I’d have said these were all shit. Now I’m a grown up, I can admit that a lot of classic radio tracks are really great.

But, yeah, fucking hell if I had to listen to one of those stations that plays them on repeat. Just makes you want to scream out THERE’S OTHER MUSIC IN THE WORLD YOU FUCKS.


Yeah, even the songs I quite liked, like Baker Street or various Sam Cooke tracks I’ll happily not listen to again for another 10 years

Time Of My Life for the 200th time might’ve driven me to insanity.


Aye, there’s also always enough utter dross like that mixed in there too to tip the balance into pure rage.


And then there’s the guy in the office who’s like “Ooh I like this one, turn it up”, when Stairway to Heaven comes on. Even though they play it every fucking day.


Stairway to heaven

  • Classic
  • No stairway! Denied!

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Oh my, what a tune Don’t Fear The Reaper is.


Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

  • Crap
  • Classic

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Crap when played by any busker/student wanker with an acoustic guitar, classic in the context of the album it’s on.


shit band, decent song


T. Rex - Children of the Revolution

  • Crap
  • Classic

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Generally, I’ll agree with that. But I quite like that album and Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Rest is shite though


what i’ve heard from that is quite good and been meaning to get into it properly


It’s good m8. I just much, much prefer psych to prog in general


Journey - Don’t Stop Believin’

  • Crap
  • Classic

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Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

  • Crap
  • Classic
  • Everything they’ve ever done is shite

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Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight

  • Crap
  • Classic

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@thesewoodenideas and @mouth_breather you’re both dead to me now


It’s really good! If you’re checking it out have a listen to the non-album singles from before it was released, ‘Arnold Layne’ and ‘See Emily Play’. Great tunes.