Crappy bathroom signs (rolling)

Please use this thread to document any bad/annoying/confusing bathroom signs you come across. You know the kind, maybe they’re sexist or make badly-judged assumptions, or maybe you just can’t even work out what directions they’re trying to convey

Inspired by this nightmare (the sign not @urbanfox lolol)


Remember a Burger King somewhere near Cardiff which has a huge screen print of Clint Eastwood on one door and Marilyn Monroe on the other.

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My aunt used to have this sign in her downstairs loo:
“If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie”.

Hate the cutesy language.

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What I hate* about those signs is the implication that it’s fine to sit on something someone else has pissed on so long as they’ve wiped it dry with a bit of toilet paper. Why isn’t it “do not piss on the seat”? Or “If you get bodily fluids anywhere that isn’t inside the toilet bowl, the rubber gloves and cleaning products are in the cupboard”

*edit: should really have said one of the things I hate

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“If your piss misses the bog, then lick it up like a dog”


Saw this somewhere in the Isle of Wight in 2006. Does it count?

Haha whaaat, I didn’t realise those were toilet signs. I thought it was part of a tour.

we have this one at work. and ‘please remain seated for the entire performance’

i find it funny tbh

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