What’re you after right now? Could murder a big sloppy chow mein with the flat wide noodles and the crispy ones, get some of those big frozen peas involved.

A lovely pint of beer

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Two coronavirus vaccine appointment bookings in my calendar for today and next Wednesday

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fish & chips with mushy peas and tartare sauce

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jacket potato

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bacon sandwich


Just got this, beans and cheese for tonight. So so excited

Wow my life has hit peak mundane

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Day off work

some greasy bread with tomato ketchup and then some bacon

ikea daim almond cake thing

The big powerful wall sized saw they have in b&q

World peace


Some kind of powerful and aggressive back massage.

Bubble tea :pleading_face: but I’m not paying a tenner for it on deliveroo

I could really do with a marijuana cigarette

The police are on their way

M&S Egg + Bacon (granary) Sandwich

ShackMeister Burger + Peanut Butter Concrete Shake (rip)

The deepest and richest Japanese curry from the TV’s hometown:

Also a bowl of the ‘Signature’ Laksa from Sambal Shiok and a slice of the French Toast + Matcha Ice Cream from Shack-Fuyu for dessert please.