What childhood crazes did you get hooked on?

In rough order I went through:

Panini premier league stickers
Shag bands

Those were the main ones. Honourable mention to that time walkers crisps out fivers in winning packets, and boglins.

Them Corinthians soccer players models with the huge heads


Tamagotchis for me too, and shag bands. Hahaha so silly looking back now.
Can’t think of any others now, by the time I got to secondary school it was like… bebo and legal highs

Football stickers

Luminous socks. That was a thing in the mid-80s I think.

Yo-yos the coke, sprite ones etc.

Mini footballs (probably again from coke).


I had a Pro-Yo 3

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Merlin Premier League stickers
Worms (the computer game), was that a craze?

I have a (much beloved) colleague who collects those to this day as well as those Funko Pop things. Basically, if it’s got a big plastic head, this guy will buy it. He has a truly absurd amount of them and one of the things I love the most about him is that he used to find out who all our new starters supported each year and then bring them in a big-head from their favourite team.


I remember go-go’s after pogs.

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Aliens in plastic eggs full of jelly. Apparently they could shag and have alien babies if you put two together in an egg. After geeing myself up for a while I stuck a pencil right through one of their heads and hid it under my bed and didn’t look at it for ages cos of the guilt.


WWF trading cards


Tide pods.

39 I was

We had to have a school assembly because too many kids were snorting pixie sticks

Pokemon was my first love, to the extend that I actively hated every craze that came thereafter. Yu-Gi-Oh and Beyblade can get fucked

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Being honest, I never felt that into any of them. Just got these things to try and fit in. Bet loads of folk felt the same.

Football sticker poll.

Did your school have a thing during swapsies that a shiny metal sticker was worth two normal one?

A shiny metal sticker worth two normal ones?
  • Yes (our school was capitalist)
  • No (our school aimed for a fairer society)

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Pokemon Cards which somehow is still a fucking thing and probably bigger now than it was when I bought a starter pack from Dixons in 1999.

Fidget Spinners

It was up for negotiation.


Spidget Finners

Turgid Glinners

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