Would he be interested in the England squad from Euro 96? (Ian Walker has a broken leg though)

These & marbles

  • I could do tricks on my tech-deck
  • I obviously fucking couldn’t do anything with my tech-deck

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Option three: wth is a tech-deck?

A skateboard for your fingers, obviously

Assumed that was a bad meme posted by @iamwiggy tbh

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When has he ever posted a bad meme?

Little big head footballers

These (Monster In My Pocket) pre dated Gogos.

Football crazy, chocolate mad
Grab a power pod and play football with the lads!


We had a briefcase craze in my school when I was about 9 or 10. Everyone suddenly just had to have a briefcase. It petered out in a month or so when they were all in great disrepair from running down the hallways and smashing them into each other. The handle of my briefcase came off in a bashing so my grandpa soldered on a piece of copper tubing to replace it.

  • Briefcases aged 9/10?

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:smiley: , no.


One lad in my school, and only one, took up the option under the uniform code to wear a blazer (I think he was the only student to ever do so) and occasionally paired it with a briefcase. In all honesty, it actually went okay for him because he was quite well-liked. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk