Crazy Golf is better than at least three or four olympic sports


There. I’ve said it.

Ooh curling. ‘Great’.

But if I could watch people in Team GB tracksuits and visors putting into the mouth of a fibreglass dinosaur, I’d take a week off work to enjoy it.

Who’s with me? In a crazy golf sense at least*

*Yes. I am insanely bored.


This is undeniably true.


Summer sport, right? Bin off all the fucking horse dance nonsense. And all the running apart from whatever’s middle distance, then just divide/multiply finish times as appropriate and go from there.


Winter Crazy Golf would have a seasonal/santa theme


All sports are better than tennis and rugby union, so yeah, probably.


The World Champs happens every year in Hastings


i’m not going to west london to play golf with you, xylo!!!


I would absolutely replace either of these with Crazy Golf.


there’s a good one in brick lane tho!!



better than all the swimming ones that are slightly different lengths and allow jabronis like phelps to pad out their medal collections


yes! “butterfly four hundred and… five metres”


It’s better than ALL the Olympics.


my word i don’t think i’ve ever felt more supported by DiS than this thread



Which countries would sweep the medals table?


Crazy golf is undeniably better than actual golf.


I think all the olympic events should be crazy-fied.

Crazy Shot Put where they have to launch it over a giant clown’s head at the right trajectory to ring the bell behind it, before dropping into a hole.


Crazy High Jump where the bar moves up and down


Crazy Relay Race where the baton is a live venomous snake


Crazy hammer throw where the hammer is a shorter team-mate


Got to think the Japanese would fucking wipe the floor with everyone