Crazy Golf is better than at least three or four olympic sports


Crazy Fencing where you use an actual fence


“right so we’ve added giant foam boards to everyone’s backs and they have to run at a giant fan.”

“and we’re all greased up right?”

“…no, it’s just the board and fan.”

nudges team mate “we’re going to walk this”


Crazy marathon.

Same as the marathon but the course is made of crazy paving


crazy sprint where they’re chasing after a fake motorised rabbit


Crazy dressage, where you have to make the horse jump through a windmill.


yes! little seesaws and shit like that. merging the krufts assault course with people in jodhpurs


At the end, the horse goes down a hole and into a fake treasure chest.


I’ve had this conversation with my dad, who is a keen golfer, on multiple occasions.

Golf is just Crazy Golf but with the best part removed.


10m of the course is a travelator that could be going in any speed and either forwards or backwards


t-rex outfit’s tiny hands fail to pass the baton


i’d actually be really into full size golf, but crazy. like Tiger using a 3 Iron to try and drop the ball through a giant donut etc


All clubs are chosen via an online poll. Putter to tee off etc


Would be well up for replacing one of the throwing events with a nerf


and then you have to race between holes on the buggies but the floor is kicked out and you have to run them like flintstones cars.


your caddy is a much loved comedian also


And you’re not allowed to step on the cracks or you’re disqualified.


Crazy Long Jump where you have to do it backwards


crazy boxing. absolutely GIANT inflatable gloves


and a tiny, tiny ring