Crazy Town EU Tour 2019

Oh wow it’s even better than I remember

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Roadrunner really signed some absolute shit in the early 2000s didn’t they. Off the top of my head -

Dry Kill Logic
The Workhorse Movement
Down The Sun

Was on their street team for some reason, used to bin the tat for bands I didn’t like instead of giving it out. I was a bad street teamer.


They really did. When nu metal died they had no idea what to do and just started flailing wildly at anything. I had a mate in their street team who’d try and push all these bands at me but I don’t think he was all that into them either.

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Sinch were amazing you slut


He was probably in it for the freebies like I was. Used to rinse them for guestlist places and pre release CDs. I was everything that was wrong with the pure, noble street team culture of the early 2000s.


Good thread idea tbh

He was just a massive Machine Head fanboy tbf to him. Still is I think. He’s a good lad - I’ve just about forgiven him for trying to convince me Dry Kill Logic were incredible.


Always remember how Roadrunner used to rinse all their acts, even this level of crap, with those ludicrous expanded digipak editions. Weird do think how much money there used to be in music.

Omg guys. Look at those dates
What do you think the chances are of them turning up as special Surprise guests at Reading Festival?! @avery

I think I only know that one song tbh.
Or did they have two?

Scrap that guys, I’m an absolute fool. They are in other countries on those dates.


no, just no.

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On a par with my karaoke rendition of it, really

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I used to be a street teamer for my vitriol :joy::joy::joy:

  • We don’t ‘dick with’ it/stuff enough anymore
  • ‘dicking with’ it/stuff is best left in the past

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NX represent :fist:

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Almost changed the title to ‘Crazy Town X’ but just felt like a step too far.

My daughter happily listens to all kinds of cheesy pop songs and as there’s a snippet of Butterfly in the movie Sing’s soundtrack I put it on for her. She really hated it.

So there you go: a band so bad their hit single isn’t even acceptable to a 6 year old who loves cheesy pop.


This was their other song. It isn’t good.

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How could I forget THE feminist anthem of 1999?!


I legit liked this song when it came out (I was a child give me a break)