If you didn’t watch it and you are the sort of person who liked Buffy or Spaced you should definitely watch it.

Burned through all six episodes the last few nights and really enjoyed it.

One word of warning: they each end with a spoilerific ‘next episode’ part before the credits so be ready with that stop button.

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Thanks Theo, sounds like I’d be interested in that!

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Hi Theo, I have never had any interest in Buffy but I did like Spaced at the time but did not like it when I watched it recently. What should I do?

This may not really be for you. It isn’t based around popular culture jokes like Spaced was, but it is fairly jokey along with its horror. I guess if you liked Evil Dead II or Zombieland you should check it out?

Enjoyed it a lot. Absolutely buried in the schedules though.

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