Create a Crisp


Just about to make myself a tomato and roast garlic.


Bang in all of the flavour sachets together, coward.


make sure you stop shaking after 20 seconds


I remember salt nā€™ shake, very difficult to disperse the flavour


cheese and vinegar


They get round this by giving you very few crisps in a packet.


Salt and onion


Pepper and lime


Yeast Extract and Acid for me Clive


This review is making me sad

Brilliant idea

Wow, I bought these crisps for my Grandchildren to be different, and they certainly are, what a brilliant idea, I think they voted me grandpa of the week when they tried them.


The maternal side one has been dominating far too long.


your time as grandpa of the week will come


Gin n Tonic flavour, just to take the edge off


For your interest the flavours are:

Sizzling prawn
Roast Garlic
Black Pepper
Thai Chilli


Ready Onioned




Steak, prawn and lime - Surf and turf


Black pepper and chicken

(Suitable for vegetarians)


that growing sense of utter tedium and slight dread as you scoff through another packet of shite to fill your fat fucking face

maybe with paprika


Good point Bluts, where the fuck is the paprika?