Create a fictional band name and the next poster has to give a detailed description of that band

close! :wink:

New Wave Punk with the occasional (and mostly surprising) appearance of a horn section. Based in Fasnia, Tenerife.


but to be fair, six year olds aren’t usually very good at songwriting

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I like the name mouse lighthouse to be honest. I think it would be twee jangly indie with an earnest line in lyrics. The local support band for los campesinos! when they play somewhere provincial.
In the same vein when my eldest son was 7 he made up the band name souvenir binnochi.


Weirdo from a remote town in the Australian outback. Inspired by his Dad’s awful prog rock record collection, has recorded a load of half hour long psych jams. Is also a murderer


Mouse Lighthouse is an excellent name for a band. I see them on Sarah Records in 1989 releasing flexi discs and touring with The Sea Urchins. They are definitely from Bristol.


The Venomous Badgers (I was also in this band)

Metalcore band with, inexplicably, a saxophonist who wears shades, jogs on the spot and shouts “oi!” during the breakdowns.


As detailed as they wanna be, in the words of Detailed Kid Joe

Band who Roy Walker thinks are better than good

Fruit Tea and the Coffee Bars

The Provincial Towns

The Vast Majority of Decent, Law-Abiding Citizens

Answer: this was three of us who recorded two ‘songs’ of improvised humming, one of which was 45 minutes long and the other of which was 80 minutes long


Bunch of serious types. Dress in dark clothes and are well into Brutalist architecture. Haven’t cracked a joke in five years. Release well boring records

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Would go and see this band :grinning:

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Sheer Bloody Mindedness

download.jpeg Yes!

Him With the Hair from the Past

(a clue the tv gave me to help figure out a celebrity she was trying to remember)

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Washington D.C. hardcore punk band. Sound like a toaster inside a washing machine on 1600 rpm spin cycle. Glorious!