Create your cheese board

Some brie and some of that smoked cheese that comes in a little sausage, please.

That’ll do me

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Not on cheesebook

What’s our @chris-budget ?

Just leave it empty, cheese is the worst

Do the Blue Cheeses tell raunchy jokes?

Thought this was going to be something cool!

One of each please



on the plus side, someone was thinking about you :heart:

What a shambles. I should’ve specified some rules.

This is why I don’t create threads.

You can have 5 cheeses and 2 meats.


Have you noticed how cheeses sounds a bit like jesus?

Not in Spanish / Portuguese though


That’s why it is important to have lots of cheese at this time of year.

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Quesos kind of sounds like Jesus

There must be a shop or something called Cheeses of Nazareth, surely

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It’s got groove, it’s got meaning

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All of it, all the time

As a vegetarian!!

I’ll take 7 (seven) cheeses please. Dealer’s choice

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“Wmoked Gubeen” for me please.