Creativity in the time of Corona

Have seen a few tweets/discussions etc around this. And Nick Cave put this up yesterday

I don’t know - feel like the pandemic affects me so little irl that I have personally seen this as a good opportunity to make art, whether it’s solo stuff, band ideas or a capella covers of The Rat

So, creative types

  • I am being as creative as usual
  • I am being more creative than usual
  • I am being less creative than usual
  • I am doing nothing

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Apologies if this is already covered ground

Excellent. I’d love to see some.

Of your posts

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Dunno really. I’ve had a bit more time to do stuff without having to commute and all that, but I haven’t been mobilised by the crisis or anything. If anything it makes me feel the higher levels of slight guilt and shame that can kind of get in the way of creativity.

So it probably levels out

I have to do full time childcare and a full time job so I have zero time for music or basically anything else.


Although I did draw that pirate the other day.

I made a massive cardboard rainbow yesterday actually

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Slight lull at the moment that I was going to say isn’t 'rona related but actually I tend to record when the house is empty which is now literally never, so… maybe.

Ah true! I will not do vocals in the house if someone is in because I am what Hannibal Lecter would call a shy boy



pretty much doing my normal things but have a bit more time to do them and having to come up with “creative” (forgive the pun) solutions to achieve them.

check it out @anon29812515

don’t let the cropped boy fool you, he was no help whatsoever.


Yeah, similar - certainly anything with vocals I won’t do with anyone in the house. Also with the big time croonsh of parenting and working I don’t have as much time to work on my jazz opus (haha I wish I was joking too) but I have nearly finished writing a new song, so that’s good.

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Here’s the pirate (although I discovered it was 3 weeks ago!). 4 days before I started WFH

Therefore I am ticking less.


and I’m still paying a nursery to do the former for me so they don’t go bankrupt /have to lay off the staff. i want medals. lots of medals.

O yeah I do believe I am going to be making some lip balm later, which I guess counts

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Make your own medals with all that spare time you have :wink:


Could probably make you one out of foil and string

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You need to fuck off, Chegg.

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i’ve never wanted to punch an emoji so hard

I’m sorry. My fingers! They’re too quick!

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