Credit cards

luckily i’m not needing the money/to go into debt, just thinking i should get one to improve my credit rating

what’s the best approach, just ask my bank? i’m aware that you can get various benefits from them so let me know if there’s anything good out there…

(all other credit card welcome if they’ll get me more replies)

Halifax Clarity.

No idea, I get the offers in the post now. Don’t need them, but it’s nice to feel wanted, isn’t it.

get one of those ones where if you buy loads of coffee your next one is free

doesn’t really matter then. may as well get one from your bank, buy something and pay it off.

different cards for different… needs

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We’ve got a cash reward one, pay it off each month and get £400 a year or so for free!

God no. See this:

We have a BA AmEx card. We use it to buy as much of our regular stuff (weekly shop, car insurance, travelcards etc), paying it off every month, as well as buying things online through their Avios portal.

It means we get the equivalent of a pair of long-haul BA flights every year, pretty much.

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Never had one, pal. Where do I collect my indie points?

I have sometimes been tempted to get one that gives you free shit when you use it but have never bothered.

I have the Virgin Atlantic equivalent of this, which from a small amount of research sounds roughly the same. I wouldn’t recommend it because the range of places you can get reward flights to is pretty slim and seems to have been selected by throwing darts at a map, but it your heart’s set on that trip to Accra it could be the card for you.

Ah, the BA one allows you to go to all their destinations, I think.