Creepy ads


Based on this post in the holidays thread, what creepy ad have you got? I got a hair cut today (googled salon’s address) and now have a hair makeover ad. Google knows me better than my family do :grimacing:


Tested the theory about Facebook using your microphone to target ads by talking about Subbuteo several times a day for about a month


didn’t work


They knew you were faking it


I think Facebook thinks I have issues with drug addiction (I don’t have issues with drug addiction)


There’s a great book that came out last year that points out that the habit of googling anything - an ache, a pain, a meme, whatever - combined with their big ole databases means that you’re probably more honest with Google than anyone else, including yourself.


all of my adverts are for mental health outreach services and woolly jumpers. :no_mouth:


Except when you can’t get any drugs amirite




This is now the cycling thread


i was chatting to a former diser on skype once and he mentioned a halloween costume or something that he’d worn once that included a green tinsel wig. to illustrate this he sent me a link to a similar green tinsel wig on amazon.

about 3 months later i got an email from amazon with the subject line “still looking for green tinsel wig?” featuring various tinsel wigs that i might be interested in


the worst. I bought one casquette for a secret santa and was getting targeted ads for a bunch of cycling bullshit for months afterwards


It’s how people get sucked in. Sad.


I just Googled First Choice holidays and searched for July… from Birmingham Airport :open_mouth:


I don’t even know what mine are for most of the time. It might be really creepy. idk


Been getting banner ads for a French lingerie company.

Beats life insurance ads I suppose


i’m so sorry!


Recently been getting sperm donor adverts - I’ll take it as a compliment, cheers facebook






Has my FB been hacked by @imaperv or something…?