Creepy crawly (and fly-y) chat

After we moved into our flat nearly ten years ago, we noticed loads of moths. The small, gold-coloured ones. They mostly seemed to be coming out of the carpet in the bathroom. We cleaned up and got rid of all the carpet but all this time later, around this time of year, some more pop out, these are presumably the descendants of those first moths. They are a very tenacious beast.

As I have entitled this as a chat thread, it would be good if you posted a related anecdote, to make it a bona fide chat.

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Got home to find about 40 flies in our kitchen a couple of weeks ago

I’m enjoying being able to accidentally walk through a cobweb and not shrieking and flailing my arms in fear for my life anymore


found a cockchafer in my parents’ lounge the other week



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There was a thing on country file yesterday about moths.basically hoover and clean EVERYTHING. So under stuff and all around places…They are on the up as people are less hoovery these days and there are more natural fabrics about.

You can get traps to find where they are based. Freeze jumpers etc to killthem off.
Also, lavender bags

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The tv got some moth tray recently and it’s fucking loaded with them now, need to get another.

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Ah yes, madame foppyish was talking about getting some lavender yesterday. It’s amazing that they’re still about. I don’t really like killings things but even I think killing this lot is justified.

Only in Britain. Obviously.


When I was a kid there were a number of posters around town warning of the dangers to crops of Colorado beetles and that if you saw one you had to tell the police. Never did find one…


my new favourite insult

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I often see woodlice in my bathroom. I’ve got some filler and plugged any obvious gaps but they’re still coming in. I can’t wait to move house.

When the TV and I bought our house, my Mum gave us a corn dolly to hang up above the kitchen door for luck and fertility (family on Mums side is a mix of farmers and Romani gypsy so this kind of folksy tradition is pretty common in our family). The day after we hung it up the kitchen was full of those moths, probably 20 or 30 in the first day and more after that. We considered having the house fumigated before realising that they were coming from the corn dolly - turns out it was good for fertility, just not ours.