Creme Egg Running Tally 2020

Please use this thread to record all the instances when you eat a Creme Egg this year, and if possible, update your annual total.

I have just had my first of the year - combined it with an Oreo Egg and Reeses Peanut Egg. Both paled next to the mighty Creme Egg (the Oreo one was basically hollow).


zero so far, two bags of mini eggs tho

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1 about an hour ago
1 in the last couple of weeks

Both shoved in my fat face whole.

Total - 2

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No creme eggs as yet 10 small bags of mini eggs and 5 family packs. This is the time of year I put on weight.

I support your mini egg counting.

I don’t give a fuck about your mini eggs pal

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If anything breaks my veganism its cadburys easter chocolate :sob: i love it so much

:smiley: a thousand apologies

It’s my fault, I muddied the waters right off the bat with the Oreo egg chat.

this is what threw me off, i assumed that since you were accepting oreo egg (not really a thing) chat and reeses egg (vom) chat that mini egg (the greatest of all eggs, including hen) chat would be fine but i accept your decision as final



that’s a zero not an egg

  1. too early.

i have had 2 or 3 of those new KitKat bunnies though

I reckon I’ve had 30 in the last month :open_mouth:, 1 today

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0 creme eggs
20 runs

0 CE
0 OE
1 RE
1 (individual) ME, from a bowl in the managers room upstairs

  1. Might have one tonight before I’m off choco for a month.

Might have some left from last year. I’m not sure if we eat them, although the do occasionally seem to be bought. Either way, 0 so far this bunny season.

Absolute lunacy

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I had a look, and apparently we don’t. I did find an unopened bag of Lindt mini mint eggs that went off in August and a couple of slightly bigger small milk chocolate Lindt eggs also from last year.


They smashed a creme egg with a hammer on Winterwatch yesterday. Ostensibly to illustrate the action of an oystercaster’s bill, but it looked like fun.