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Creme egg? CREME. EGG?

really annoyed at this find the white chocolate one cause it means im gonna buy loads


what happens if you get one - is there a prize?


Not mad about them and frankly they’re pretty fucking sickly and cumbersome but they’re alright.

I’d rather a Malteaster bunny.


up to £2000!


“up to” - do you have to not eat it to get your prize? (I’m nominating you as the subject matter expert on this one)


I think there is a code on the foil you send off and that decides what you get

im not sure of the other amounts, this is where my knowledge ends im afraid


you know what’s a classy easter choice? A lindt bunny with the little bell


We’re not allowed any white chocolate ones here. It’s only deemed suitable for you mainlanders ffs


wait what’s this?


Literally* the greatest thing on the planet and anyone who actively dislikes them is an utter shit cunt and not to be trusted.



not a fan tbh


What did I JUST say


enjoy your diabetes


I intend to, thanks.


Quite like them cold from the fridge so there’s a nice contrast between the gooeyness of the creme and the hardness of the chocolate


Hate that I saw an advert for Easter Eggs on New Years’ Day…


think I read in the Sun or Daily mail that you can tell the white creme eggs as it says white choc on ingredients. HtH


Also how sickly will a white creme egg be. Eurgh. Too much


Wouldnt wanna be the loon who picks up and rrads ingredients on every creme.egg in a shop