Cricket 2k19 🏏 🦗

Should be a good year for the England team, hosting a World Cup in which we’re favourites to win and the Ashes over here in August. Probs gonna be the year Jimmy retires?

West Indies tour starts on Wednesday, hopefully we can cement an opening partnership in this series.

Anyone got WC/Ashes tickets?

Seriously excited about this summer. I’ve got a ticket for the Old Trafford test but missed out on the Oval and all the England WC tickets. Still a tiny but gutted about how the county season has been screwed up but I’m getting over it.

Not sure if Jimmy will go this year. I get the impression he never wants to stop.

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Aye Jimmy’s still in ridiculous form innit, I’d be sad if an injury ended his career, hope he goes out on his own terms.

I’ve got tickets to Bangladesh vs South Africa at the Oval, well on for that. No Ashes tickets this year though.

Tried for WC tickets in all three ballots, along with two of my mates, and ended up empty handed. Irked…

Just England fixtures?

I keep forgetting about the Windies series starting this week. Wonderful. Did I see something about Jennings being in cracking nick?

When are the Lord’s Ashes ballot announced? I stand no chance but still curious…

By Friday 1st Feb

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Bairstow’s still an absolute run machine. Jennings got 10 and 7 in the warm up games.

Day 4 Headingley, if I get a full days play it’ll be a surprise I think.

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Finger’s crossed for you man. What do you have to do to become a member at Lords? Is it proper archaic? They all look like members in that get-up though!!!1

At least you’ll probably see some kind of result on day 4.

Bairstow is probably still furious about his gloves. It could be the carrot that takes England all the way this summer.

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Is this true?

England plus a few of the Windies fixtures. Only match that I even saw availability at was Bangladesh vs Afghanistan :roll_eyes:

Ah that’s a pisser. Tbf I’d be well up for that Bangladesh vs Afghanistan match :slightly_smiling_face:


I kind of don’t want to win as I will have a small baby then and they will be £200 for the pair and I will probably fall asleep for the day.

Sounds like you’re flogging your kids for a day at the cricket. I’m with you though, would be a hell of a lot of bunce but you might be glad of the sleep?

Last time I went to the ashes at Old trafford after I’d done an all-nighter at a party, it was fucking freezing and I was wearing shorts. I fell asleep and the woman next to me nudged me to wake me up saying ‘You’re spilling Pimms on your shorts’


You sure it was Pimms?