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Starting the “bring back Cook” bandwagon

Who wants on?


Been convinced from his retirement that he’ll play at some point in the ashes. Didn’t think it would be at Lords but I’m wavering a little


It was awfully rude of him to retire before we managed to replace Strauss tbf


Absolutely wank performance. Beaten in every session and beaten comfortably, bet they’re still convincing themselves they’re right in the match even now.


Kind of incredible isn’t it. Glad it happened against the Windies though - really good to see them bowl well, and consistently well, and bat with application and grit. It would be so good if they could get back to at least a 4th/5th ranked team (on merit, not everyone else being rubbish). I’d be very happy if everyone in Test cricket was a favourite for all their home series.


It’s really concerning, tbh. You really have to wonder whether a lot of this current England Test squad are cut out for Test cricket, both in terms of technique and mental attributes.


Of the current side, only Root, Stokes, Moeen, Anderson and Broad should be sure of their places. Stokes and Moeen on the basis of their bowling, currently, but they have that versatility. Bairstow should be on that list, but doesn’t seem to be able to guts it out. He has the talent.

Woakes should be in the side. He’s a better batsman and bowler than Curran by more or less every measure you care to mention. Curran is a talent for sure, and started his career well, but he’s not ready, he’s no threat when the ball doesn’t swing.

Buttler should not be in the side. He’s the best limited over player we’ve produced in 20 years, but he is not a test batsman. It’s daft. He was batting at 7 as a specialist bat recently, what’s that about?

We played a great series in Sri Lanka, but they’re rubbish, frankly. We’ve been absolutely battered in this series, embarrassed. 10 wickets, 381 runs. Those are gigantic defeats, it’s not good enough.


Are you seriously suggesting they field a side with a mere two wicketkeepers in it?



Of course not! Burns can keep wicket too.


And yet Buttler had the highest test batting average for England last year! (having played at least 4 matches)

It’s a total mess tbh - so many players who display capricious form, two best bowlers very close to retirement (or just ineffectiveness due to old age), 3 keepers in the team. I like what I saw of Burns, stick with him for a bit. No idea who to partner him with - pope? Not Jennings anyway. Denly if you think there’s someone who will be ready after the ashes, but you don’t want to burn them yet. Hameed? idk Root at 3 or 4, may as well let him choose. Keep trying with Bairstow at the other for now, but he needs to apply himself more. All well and good when he blazes a 70 ball 50, but it’s rubbish when he’s out trying to smash it over the bowlers head to leave England 3 down for about 30. Mooen 5, Stokes 6, Buttler 7, Foakes 8, then [insert bowler], Woakes/Broad and Jimmy. Insert bowler depends on pitch (so Leach, Rashid, Woakes, Curran, Stone, w/e).


Starting to think IJ Bell at 3 is the only reasonable move to make for the ashes


Lords test then

Maybe buttler over foakes and let yjb keep? Not sure you can cobble a coherent team out of what we’ve got in time anyway.

Smith and Warner will be back too won’t they?


Nickname: Belly, The Duke of Bellington , “The Shermanator”[1]“Sledgehammer of Eternal Justice” [2]


Who’s your pick for number 3 then

  • BELL
  • Bairstow
  • Root
  • Ali
  • Someone else

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Think it might be Gary Balonz’s time to shine


Dunno is quite the polymath. The Denis Compton of our era.






Bit of aggression. Just what the batting line up needs!

(on googling, nick compton only played 16 tests and averaged about 30, assumed it was more tests at a lower average)