Cricket 2k19 🏏 🦗


I thus declare this thread -


Similarly, who on earth is going to be the other opener (assuming Burns as in)?

  • The Kitchen’s Re-opening (Cook)
  • Just Keaton Trying (Jennings)
  • Bless the youth (Pope)
  • Trust in non-Test Experience (Denly)
  • The old Young Phenom (Hameed)
  • He got Ponting out once (Hildreth)
  • He’s done it Internationally, just not in Tests (Hales)
  • He’s done it Internationally, just not in Tests (V2) (Vince)
  • Whoever tops the averages in county championship before the first test (A.N. Other)

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Isn’t gubbins due a run?


I did actually think of gubbins but he’s been pretty dreadful recently (one score above 32 in his last 12 innnings), so I put him in the ‘Whoever tops the averages’ category.


I got a ticket for day two of the Lords Ashes test. Hopefully we won’t have lost already by that stage.


Make sure you get one of those silly ties so you fit in


I’m going to bring a pre-made beer snake to try and remain inconspicuous in my sobriety.


Do it with lots of capri-suns


well Sri Lanka really were rubbish

but gotta take a few positives out of it - a few easy runs for some struggling bats, and big Mitch back in the wickets!


I know dobell has been writing this piece for a few years but it’s still true and it’s still funny.

'If you kept driving your car into a tree, you wouldn’t expect your insurance company - or the police - to be pacified by the response “but that’s the way I drive”.

And if you kept setting fire to your house, you might think twice about cooking with paraffin.

But England’s batsmen seem reluctant to accept change. Whatever the pitch, whatever the match situation, they appear to think that attack is the best form of defence.

Antiguan roads are not especially wonderful. They contain the sort of pot-holes which can swallow a family-sized car. But you wonder if, each day, Trevor Bayliss sits upfront with the team’s bus driver urging him to go faster in a bid to reach the ground before the pot-holes can get them.’


Heard on a podcast yesterday that (compared to last time England toured?) the West Indies now play twice as much first class cricket, and there are 3 times as many professional cricketers, which is massively encouraging. Might be some issues with the two guys who have been mainly responsible for that staying on after next year (contracts up and they may no sign further contracts as the main cricket board are still a bunch of bellends), but if they can be overcome, excellent signs for the future of the sport over there.


Interesting :+1: Does anyone have an idea how much of an impact the Allen Stanford mess had on the infrastructure of Windies cricket?


The impression I get is that Stanford was the culmination of the greed-led environment in Caribbean cricket organisations, as opposed to the cause of it - anyone who cared more about the game than the money would have told him to jog on, but West Indies cricket in particular is (or certainly was for a long time) rife with upper level corruption and people who wouldn’t mind Windies cricket doing well again, but not at the expense of, well, their expenses.

Maybe it’s possible that it was the big thing that showed everyone how bad it had gotten, and has sort of led to the improving situation? idk


Cheers buddy :+1:


A test match starting on a Saturday, what a world!


the pattern on the grass around the square is nice huh


All over the place here. Not sure how burns was given not out on the field


Also why’s root let denly review that. If he’s not hit it he’s very obviously out


Big fan of Alzari Joesph’s “I’ve left the iron on” non-celebration when he gets a wicket.


Big fan of Jimmy’s “can’t believe I have to deal with this bullshit” face when trying to set his fields.