Cricket 2k19 🏏 🦗


Not sure about the cricinfo metric to imperial converter

(really like Wood, can’t play two tests in a row, but pick the best 2 or 3 tests in a series for him to play in, and don’t give in to the temptation to play him more than that)


I was going to make an ill-advised post this afternoon about Wood only being picked because he bowls fast, it doesn’t translate into wickets, but I think I might hang on to it for now.


I like Dobell in print, just when he speaks something puts me off.
that’s good though innit


yeah he’s a proper smuggo, funny tho


Fucking hell


It is astonishing how often England Test batsmen try to do something more than leave or block the first ball of a session/after drinks.


Paul injured, dead rubber, comfortable lead. Worryingly set up for Jennings to get a score and secure an ashes spot


If Jennings gets a century on this pitch, in the form he’s in, against these bowlers, located entirely within your kitchen, I will eat my hat.


If he keeps up this striking rate, he’ll be romping to his century around lunchtime tomorrow


In a conversation with a mate about England’s potential team of keepers. We tried to get all of the keepers to have opened in tests. There are 6, all of them since 1950 (only one of them has over 1000 test runs as an opener). You’re welcome to attempt this puzzler


first time I’ve had to listen to talksport, today.

even if it’s theoretically fine i hate it


We got 3 of the 6



just for England, this?


Just for England?


Buttler hasn’t opened has he? If so then my list is out of date, there are 7 and you have identified 2 of them


No, globally


he has opened, in that daft chase in the uae, when it was going dark. not sure he was keeping at the time though.


Think yjb wouldve been keeping in that


Brendan McCullum?


Adam Gilchrist?