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To clarify. This is people who have kept and opened at the same time (think sangakarra,and maybe de Villiers and mccullum have kept and also opened but never in the same test)


You’re all going for far too big names


Jos makes 7


My reference is from 2012. This could end badly for me if there are more examples


Adam Parore


I’ve got a memory of an Indian dude about 10 years ago but buggered if I can recall his name


Andy Flower perhaps…

Were there any pre-1980s? I remember growing up the wicketkeeper was a number 7 or 8 pretty much all the time.


No Andy flower. There are 3 pre-90s, including the comfortable leading scorer of the list (with a great name)


You can take N.R. Mongia (1994-2001) for that I reckon


that’s kind, because i absolutely wasnt thinking of him. having googled i was thinking of parthiv patel.


Couldn’t think of any, so I’ve made a cricinfo list (on-brand). I don’t think you will like it.


I have just done this and become appalled by the list I was looking at.

Sorry everyone


The top answer, that we (my mate) got right, is still Farokh Engineer (what a name!)


Subthread OVER!


:smiley: how many we talking?




402 innings by 85 batsmen.


parthiv patel in there? pretty good odds he is


My favourite is DSBP Kuruppu. Hit an unbeaten double hundred on debut in 777 minutes, in his only innings opening, and only played 3 more tests after