Cricket 2k19 🏏 🦗




Schrodingers collapse. While we’re all not paying attention to it, looking at spurious trivia, England can move along gently.

Now, who are the only 4 opening batsmen to have taken a test wicket?


surely there are more than four of them?

Cook? Gooch?


should have got akmal




I’m making a joke on how many actual answers there are to my last one. Imagine there are absolutely loads


oh I see. I’m never one to spot a joke.


god keaton jennings is gonna play 50 test matches. nobody wants him to, but its going to happen


according to what’s his name on Talk Sport, Keaton Jennings can’t believe he’s out.


i dont like to bring antibants into the cricket thread, but needs must


Spared embarrassment by just 77 runs. You’re a lucky man




Nice! (Sexy runs, sexy strike rate)


Would love to think he’d actually done the maths in his head and thought if this is my test career done, I’m going out sexy.


I think he’s also the 690th player to get his cap for england. Dedication to a brand.


Preferred narrative

  • If we’d had some warm up matches we’d have smashed them all series
  • Dead rubber, injury, no holder, we’re winning because they’re depleted/cba

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We’d have done better with some warm ups, not sure we’d have smashed them though


I voted for what I’d rather, not what happened. That said preparation is always lacking.


nice piece that. gonna have to find the highlights.


Watching them now. What he’s done is basically impossible, even if he hadn’t hurt his hand. His face when they took his glove off was pure agony.