Cricket 2k19 🏏 🦗


The two still to come have got proper Mullaly-esque batting stats. Shannon Gabriel’s are a thing of wonder:



Nah, it’s fine, Broad will pick up the slack. Unless there’s some minor inconvenience to distract him

It’ll be fine!


Any guesses who this is?



Peter such?


Chris Martinesque, but I’m not sure he played T20s.


Nope, got it:

Should have figured those were figures only the Phantom could achieve.
Was such a privilege watching him bat. Well, watching McCullum bat when he ran out of partners except Martin, and had to swing like a madman at everything :smiley:


I like the story of him not really learning how to bat as a youngster at all as he had to ride too far to training, and didn’t like carrying a bat or pads


Good to see us Aussies uncover a new genuine pace swing bowler

Pack your bags for England already Richardson!


Sri Lanka aren’t really very good, though.


34 average? :man_shrugging:

that is more wickets than I realised he got tbf


True true


Not a bad average really for a slow baller in the conditions he had for the season, and the amount of hours they need from him

And yes its his wicket agg that gets him on the list


Yes, got day 4 tickets for the Oval test. Hoping that there’s at least half a day of play!


Mitchell Richardson?


Ooft lovely stuff! Here’s hoping you see a result just before tea or summink.


Looks great hanging in Jabba’s throne room


Yeah, only ever been to one test before, ENG vs SA at Headingley many years ago. Was a cracking day, despite really crap cricket.

If, by some miracle, it goes to a 5th day, that day happens to be my birthday. So I’ll probably treat myself to a little present whilst there.


Oh man, hope it’s a really lovely draw and everyone has a nice time on day 5. Only test I’ve ever been to was England vs Australia at Lords a few years ago on the one and only day in that series that we got destroyed. Stokes forget to put his bat down behind the crease and got ran out and we were sat next to 2 aussies :expressionless:


We got to see Darren Pattinson’s one and only test match, Hashim Amla get sent back by his team mates after a disputed catch and a guy dressed as the pope get into a fight.


Ahh cricket :blush: