Cricket 2k19 🏏 🦗


5fer! Champing at the bit after those SL tests.


Fine wine and all that, isn’t he?! Effort, Jimmy lad.




Indeed :scream::scream::scream_cat:


Looking a sensible selection with Rashid at 10.


Hope Jimmy enjoyed his 2 and a bit hours off.


Oh dear, oh dear


how did root miss that lol


The fuck they put in their lunch?


are we gonna follow on


Are we contractually obliged to have one absolute shambles of an innings every WI tour? Or just tour, I guess.


Was just about to say how much i dislike cricket, then England brought up their 69.


No one enforces it anymore, do they?


Yeah but that’s normally because their bowlers have been in the field for a day or so, not that they’ve been bowling for checks slightly more than a T20.


As it happens, the West Indies were made to follow on as part of a pasting by mighty Bangladesh last month…


Not sure if I’d be more upset if Sam Curran was out soon or if he got to a fifty not with a six




Pretty relieved tbh


Trying to produce a list of England batting averages in completed innings under 150 runs, but failing. Feels like Moeen, absolute hero as he may be, is a bit of a disaster in a crisis, but can’t get the stats together.


Don’t even like cricket :sunglasses:

EDIT: and that post brings up the century :cricket_bat_and_ball: