Cricket 2k19 🏏 🦗


Reckon you’d be able to knock that together in an hour or two on the Cricinfo records pages.

I can spend hours idly nosing through stats on there.


There was a stat kicking about last year re: England’s record in games where the opposition got more than 250 in their first innings. I seem to recall we’d won something like 4 of the last 20 odd.


Got there in the end. Averages since 1970 of all England players who’ve batted in at least 5 innings where the score was 150 or less.;event=1;filter=advanced;groupby=players;orderby=team_average;qualmin1=5;qualval1=matches;runsmax1=150;runsval1=runs;spanmin1=15+Mar+1970;spanval1=span;team=1;template=results;type=team

As I thought, Moeen very near the bottom. Not as I thought, Stokes exactly the same and Bairstow even worse, plus Root not far off. Safe to say our team is about as collapsy as can be right now.

Also, you won’t BELIEVE who’s at number two, or what he looks like now, probably.


I think that was one of mine too. I’ll see if I can dig it out.


Butcher, Hussain and Stewart somehow managing to win 1/4 or 1 / 5 of the games where it happened to them is reasonably impressive.


don’t think we’re gonna win this one pals


There’s still 2 days left. Who knows, a solid opening p


Won the mother fucking Lord’s ballot for day 4. £200!!!


YES! But also NOOOOOO?


are England going to cricket the other team?


Nah the cricketer has become the cricketee


And ties? You bet!


how many cricks have been cricketed?


Too many and not enough all at the same time.


Oh look, here we go again…


fight fairly hard today, end up about 6 down then collapse to all out in ten minutes tomorrow morning?

  • yes
  • obviously

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Hope you’re all ready for some more delicious cricinfo tables. Here’s every England opening batsman who played more than 15 tests ranked by batting average, with a reminder that Mike Brearley was mainly a specialist captain whose own cricinfo bio rates his batting as “inadequate”.;batting_positionval1=batting_position;class=1;filter=advanced;orderby=batting_average;qualmin1=15;qualval1=matches;team=1;template=results;type=batting


Great table! Fascinating how there’s almost no-one contemporary - other than Cook, the most recent in the top 15 is Vaughan. Boycott the most recent of the top 5! Though interestingly you get similar results for Australia. I would have thought the opposite - scores are getting higher, surely? But looks like it used to be easier to open.


Strange, isn’t it? Jennings is the only one to play 15 matches in the last 7 years, and, well. Obviously if you have one guy who opens every test for 15 years there’s only one other place available, you’d think someone might make a stab at the top 20. Also highlights how lucky we were to have Cook. Like we didn’t know.

Haven’t had a look at Australia, might do that now.


And by contrast, when I did NZ, we’ve historically played so few tests that there’s only two on the list that I haven’t seen bat. (!)