Cricket 2k19 🏏 🦗


Roston Chase’s test bowling average was 47 before today.




India are absolutely rinsing NZ in ODIs right now. And they usually aren’t great in our conditions.
World Cup #warning

Also a lovely article on Ewen Chatfield, former NZ bowler, who has just retired from club cricket aged 68. I had no idea he was still playing. (@Gorkys_Forever relevant to our last convo).


Nice nugget from that list is that monty’s batting average is more than doubled when batting in innings totalling under 150, and he’s still 52nd out of 53


Nice. Tuffers is almost tripled! Turns out it’s Tuffers and Monty, the men you need in a batting crisis. Who knew?


What do we think about Jennings then?

Seems in all sorts of trouble against seam/quicker bowling. Cut losses now and give somebody else a crack ready for oz?


2016: 1548 runs at 64.5.
All other first class matches: 5133 runs at 29.84.

Just don’t think he’s a good batsman, had one outstanding season and 7 bad ones. Can’t really ditch him now and we’ve been through most of the alternatives, but it’s nuts to think he’ll ever be a reliable test opener, IMO.

Further reading: list of openers above.


Who are the likely candidates to come in?

Agree with you, the thought of Jennings opening against Hazlewood and Cummins, (Starc if he gets his mojo back) is pretty terrifying, but I can’t think of too many genuine candidates to replace him. Burns was the standout in terms of numbers over the past few years and otherwise???


Denly is the next cab on the rank I think.

I’ll be happy to have Jennings back at Lancs this summer, he’ll clean up in Div 2


Top scorer in the first innings, you can’t take that away from him.


Would be interesting to know his avg against the quicks?

Not sure if anyone better out there? I’d give Denly a crack though


Sub-continental specialist. Trust that he can be a professional, and basically tell him that for now he’s going to open in all tests in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, but he won’t play anywhere else for the time being. I know the staff love his dressing room presence, but his figures are awful and he looks totally lost on anything other than a slow pitch.


Jennings SACKED! Denly in, the only sensible decision really. Feel sorry any time anyone gets ditched like this, but really it’s the only humane decision.


luckily South Africans don’t have feelings.

(I don’t believe this, and I hope jennings has a nice break and scores loads of runs for lancs)


Joe…Denly. Riiiight.


he averages 36 & bowled some useful legbreaks in the bash last year, if that doesn’t qualify you to open for the england test side I don’t know what will.


Damn. I was convinced that they were going to move bairstow to open and push everyone up one place in the top order so that they could find room to pack another wicket keeper in the middle.


Jennings is a Jappie too? bloody hell your teams full of them. Good sacking though, gets caught at gully an inexcusable amount of times, esp for an opener


Um, sssh. Let’s not draw attention to the fact that half our team/pipeline are also Saffas. (Mind you, feels like half the country are Saffas right now so why not the cricket team?).


Got tickets for the Lords test :sunglasses:

The Ireland one