Cricket 2k19 🏏 🦗


For the first time since… maybe ever, there’s not a single one in the team today, and only Jennings in the squad. Might be violating some kind of trade agreement actually. Plus, with Stokes having been born in Canterbury, and Canterbury being demonstrably in England, they are all honest to god, ruddy gruddy Englishmen brave and true.

112 all out.


hmm OK didnt know this, was just stirring shit anyway.
(You’re ODI team is full of em though)


How long he lasts is another question but Denly is a nice player to watch.

Jennings still likely a shoe in for sub-continent tours but was really hoping he’d be the new Tresco though


Batting first. Opening partnership sweepstake opens now:

12 for me


Unbeaten at lunch.


Your lunch or theirs?


how many of the west indies bowlers are Actually Good?

pretty sure gabriel isn’t, holder bowls at 76mph but he might be, joseph isn’t. roach!?! chase!?!

can’t believe roach is the same age as me. he’s been around forever.


Roach is secretly good. 171 wickets at 28, pretty nice and puts him in the top 10 of WI wicket takers.


those statistics don’t fit with how i see the world and i reject them.

when did he become good? because i have a pretty good memory of him being bad.


Yeah, I’m not all that happy myself. 11th on the list was Fidel Edwards! What’s that about then?


both ahead of jerome taylor. don’t like this at all.


Over optimistic again


Well that went well


Bring back keaton!


Adam Lyth has done a full revolution of the roundabout since being dropped and has now got off wanting another go.


Good to see they had a word with themselves after the performance in the first match…


Don’t know if anyone is listening on Talksport 2, but the noises from the middle are so clear and loud they keep making me jump when there’s a big shout about something.


Fucking hell…


Bairstow is making a decent effort of it, at least


Yeah i’m listening to it and the sound from the stump mic is so clear you can tell when they’ve edged it without even seeing it. Plus the bass from the sound system at the stadium really booms through.