Cricket 2k19 🏏 🦗


It’s quite unsettling. Can’t decide if it’s really good or annoyingly intrusive, dare I say I just need to get used to it.

  • We’re shit
  • They’re good
  • Pitch is a Minefield

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Can the answer be all three simultaneously?

Worried for Mo’s (literal) head in this innings.


Yeah obviously it’ll be a bit of all 3, but today doesn’t feel like the standard England shambles collapse


Not yet. Moeen’s in…


… And moeen’s out


that lofted drive over point though, worth another 70 or 80 runs.


Not even checked our team, is broad playing?


Yup and in next! Stand back and watch the runs flow!


Love the way there are people emailing the guardian OBO to have a pop at Buttler. I mean, obviously its the counter attacking no. 5’s fault that we were 93 for 6.


The bravery of tailenders to face fast bowling on a tricky deck is underrated. I typed that out and then Jimmy immediately tried to play one from so far to leg he could barely reach the stumps with the bat.




Oh! So that bang I heard was Boycott’s head exploding. Makes sense now


U16 village cricket was almost above this kind of thing.


Don’t want to sound all old money, but talksport is just dreadful isn’t it. All shouty and bombast, they’ve got it so, so wrong.


From what I’ve heard on the drive home, it’s largely been ok, even if it doesn’t feel right.

But Darren Gough was on last night. That definitely wasn’t good.


The commentary is generally OK, after all half of them are the Sky lot. But it’s everything else surrounding it that is as grating as you’d expect from a station that relies on providing its slope-browed audience with steaming hot takes, piped straight from the arse. The contrast with TMS is pronounced.

At least they haven’t got up-to-the-minute odds being read out on who will be out next. Yet.


58 behind with 6 wickets. Reckon we can make them bat again?


stokes playing a shot with his bat a full 90° in the wrong direction lol