ENG VS BAN - The Decider



Last ODI, should be a bit heated after Buttler went tits at the Bangladeshis on Sunday.

  • Plunkett in for Davey Willey
  • Billings replaces Roy
  • England win toss and choose to bowl


Ive barely caught any of this series. Will follow along on the BBC today though.

How bad was the Bangladeshis reaction to Buttlers dismissal?


oops, didnt see the usurper thread!


Listening to Talksport just feels a bit dirty doesnt it


please say BBC have got the tests? Talk Sport made no mention of them when i was forced to listen to it for half an hour the other day.


thank fuck http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07z81f3


It wasnt quite as bad as his reaction. There was a lot of chest-beating and the like but not right in his face.


Yeah thats sort of what I imagined.

Jesus, just looked at the score and we havent even taken a wicket?!


Runrates not awful though. Question is, are we keeping it tight or are they playing within themselves?


Just looking at the scorecard, it suggests we are keeping it quite tight. They havent gotten too many boundaries


Kayes gone :smile:


Long hop googly does for Tamim

To be fair he never got going, but a wicket is always good.


Some terrible batting here.


I dont think its too bad a run rate, on for 300 or so assuming they dont blow it down the stretch (pretty big assumption given the first match)


Sounds about right though it will probably be a bit less after those wickets.


Is there a reason why TMS havent been broadcasting during these ODIs? @JohnM?


Ooft, a lot of turn out there.


The Bangladesh Cricket Board sells the rights to a 3rd party and they then sell to the highest bidder. The BBC almost bailed on the entire serious before a compromise was reached.


285 is the record ODI score without a batsman reaching 50 btw, stats fans


a bit lucky there, but he was a mile* out of his crease

*a few inches