England vs India T20 - featuring Rishabh Pant

India looking to make over the 200 hundy mark here. A good comedy suicidal run out from Captain Kholi earlier.

Ooft, Roys just spilled one on the rope.

1 run from the first over! Were in for a thriller!

Reverse sweep 6!

Sam billings opening send daddy - even when he gets in he does that " Im a serious player who bats properly" and makes 30 off 25. put him in at 5 or 6 with freedom to twat it.

Edit send daddy was supposed to say seems daft But im enjoying it so it can stay.

I guess thats Buttlers role but I know where youre coming from.

Some brutal 4s here.

Mishra was under pressure but still capable of getting his googlies out.



Im gradually laughing at that more and more

W W . . . W 1 1 1 1 W . 4 W

And were done here.

Went too early

W W . . . W 1 1 1 1 W . 4 W . W W

8-7 in 17 balls. Oof.

Nice work England.

Chef has STEPPED DOWN as test captain. Root IN.

Ah this is quite sad. On his day hes absolutely incredible to watch. Hope this doesnt mean hell be dropped as opener.


I hope not, surely hell be given a chance to rediscover his best form now he doesnt have to think about captain stuff?

Youd hope with the captains curse gone that hell have a bit of a renaissance. Part of me thinks Root might be a bit too young to be England captain but I suppose his career thus far speaks for itself. Shame Cookie couldnt go out on a high, wouldve loved to see him captain another Ashes series.

Hope it doesnt cock up Roots batting.

Gets rid of Moeen and Rashid, promotes himself to opening spinner.

Mad with power, impetuousness of youth.

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Unusual move to step down just before a series with South Africa rather than after it.

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Dont think its a bad idea at all. Hes been increasingly grumpy over the last few years and its a tough, tough job to do for any length of time. Just let him focus on opening and gradually annihilating a load of batting records over the next few years.

No chance hes being dropped incidentally, its bad enough not knowing who one of your openers will be, never mind two.