India vs England - Fifth Test



We havent collapsed yet.

Whos Liam Dawson? (@The_Excession)



Nothing? Moeens hero-ing


Also can one of the stats nerds find out the most sixes scored in a test innings before hitting a four, Bairstows 37 with 3 6s, 0 4s must be pretty unique


This is Englands game to not draw. They showed the average scores for all four innings over the last five tests here and theyre all well over 300. I can only imagine the idea of Liam Dawsons left arm tweekers will keep the Indian top order wide awake tonight.


I didnt know he was even in the team, actually. was he brought in from the Lions?


Yeah, brought in from the Lions.

@Aggpass - [quote=The_Excession, post:18, topic:9470]
L Dawson - fine, unspectacular

Comprehensive, Im sure youll agree.


Really cant see past England now




Youd have to have very good eyesight from Sheffield!!!11!! LOL ROFL and so on.


Could really do with our set batsmen not middling them straight to the nearest fielder. Therell be a collapse along soon enough without that sort of thing.


An England collapse? I highly doubt it (any word on my Bairstow three sixes, no fours musing)



Guptill the only one ahead of him who actually hit any sixes, he hit three too.


Hes got to be disappointed falling just short of such a landmark


Would you like me to drop some knowledge on you?

the actual highest innings without a boundary was, unsurprisingly, Geoffrey Boycotts 77 against Australia which doesnt show up on your list because they ran a 4 without the ball making the rope




seen how root has scored 485 runs in this series and everyones disappointed in him? thats a hard shake imo.


Guess the problem for Root is that hes so good that hes now on that other level where hes only going to be compared to the best batsman on the other team in any series, and Kohlis scored 240 at an average of 128.




I see Stokes and Buttler finally got a platform to work on and failed.


Ashwins the first person since Botham in '85 to make 250 runs and take 25 wickets in the same series.