India vs England - Second Test



Just when you think Anderson cant possibly come back after a wee injury BOOM wickets down.


shame about the groundsman stating it will turn from lunch on day 2.


Pfft groundsmen, what do they know :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


which reminds me; surely in the age of technology and money, there must be a way to synthesise tracks of different styles for training purposes.


Youre a madman, how could they possibly do this?


equal amounts of technology and money


Sounds like youve really thought this through.


Had enough of experts


absolutely. Ive a feeling theres a way to pack individual strands polymers of controllable hardness, compactness and movement (to allow crack to appear) to be formed into a pitch. I just need a team to design, develop, model, build, test, and use it, and well start to see slight improvements in batting.


Im in!


A wise decision


This is looking bad.

In other news, a dog on the pitch resulted in an early tea, and apparently it left a shit at deep point that still hasnt been cleared up.




Chris Woakes is a fantastic fielder.


does that count as five bonus runs if hit?


Gaffers doing us no favours here.


I can think of no other reasonable outcome.

Waiting for someone to slip on it, chasing a high catch


funny what a swinging ball does


Doesnt even need to swing that much. Anderson is always so watchable.


This is setting up to be quite a good game. Can someone whos good with stats tell me if England at 12/1 is as generous as it looks before I waste a fiver