India vs England - Second Test

yeah absolutely. Id like for us to be able to go in with our 4 best bowlers, (the 4 seamers weve used so far in India) with Rash and Mo, as the seamers have been our tidiest option. The problem is wed then need to rely on the 2 spinners to keep it very tidy while the seamers rest from the heat and that doesnt seem to be something the spinners can do. the question then is, how much Ansari adds? anything under 12 overs per day and well, a seamer should be able to pick up that slack.

But the spinners are struggling to control the run rate, and I do wonder if Batty might be able to help there. Obviously he is a backward step and he didnt look totally convincing in Bangladesh, but I dont think Ansari is gaining much at the moment. He needs to play but Id argue he needs to play county and grade cricket, not test cricket at this stage. I would be inclined to try Batty and see if he can get a better economy that then others. If he can I think that would be a significant asset to the team.

well yeah, Batty was meant to control the run rate in Bangladesh but didnt. the seamers have been much better at that, and with a 6 man attack, should never have to bowl more than 15 overs in a day, which they have been doing anyway a fair bit.

The seamers were currently playing have been better at controlling the run rate than the spinners, but if Broad needs a rest then Woakes comes in for him. The replacement for Ansari becomes either Finn or Batty. The former might bring wickets but hell accelerate the game not slow it down. On balance, Id give Batty another test ahead of Ansari or Finn.

yeah, Finns not good for much more than getting our batters into good nick. if Broad needs a rest, which he might well after back to back tests, Id have to stick with Ansari. India would likely take Batty to the cleaners, so unless he has a way of making them lose directions to the cleaners, and pick up wickets in the deep, Im just a no. Should have brought that Somerset lad, really.

Id have taken Leach over Ansari and possibly Rayner over Batty, but Batty still has the best economy rate of any of the spinners in the squad. He has the best chance of getting 6 balls down without getting taken to the cleaners. I agree theres every chance that hed still get marmelised but I dont think the others add enough to warrant inclusion.

Yeah, I thought this, poor lad chundered all over the outfield! I think hes been OK, needs development, but when its a turning pitch, i just dont think you can rely on Moeen and adil, picking three improves your chances of two being good in a particular test. Plus leftie to Indias righties

Id be very happy to see him make a success of this but I just think that the development that he needs is quite extensive and at the moment hes too erratic to fulfill the role thats missing from the side, which is that of someone who can tie up an end. Hes beginning to make it as a bowler for Surrey and hes had opportunities because his batting ensures that he gets game time, but I still dont think hes got the control to slow the run rate or the variety to keep batsmen honest.

Full disclosure, I might be saying all this because subconsciously I want another three years of him at Surrey before he goes to England properly.

Hahaha, fair enough! But its not too dissimilar to Woakes - he went away, picked up another 5mph whilst still being reliable, and now hes much better, proper test standard player. Just think they have to be careful not to jettison a player mid tour - for Ansaris development, as long as hes not smashed out of the park, then itd be good for him to play imo, get used to the big stage. Main question should be whats right for the team, and I think he has a role to play over the next 3 tests

After the next 3 matches, its not unfeasible to suggest he wont get another test match until October 2018 in Sri Lanka after which itd be West Indies in April 2019. that is unless we re-jiggle to fit Mo and him as spinning all-rounders or he masters the art and takes over the role of main spinner. not really thought this through, but Id like to see him given the whole tour and take it from there. Unless hes in the limited overs teams, hell be back playing country cricket for the first 3 months of the season.

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Loved that declaration, and loved du Plessis getting an absolutely key ton after the utter nonsense of the last week. Calling the game for Oz though :frowning:


Enjoyed the aussie commentators praising the brave new world of debutants, rehashes and desperation calls, as though the selectors have had their hand forced by these incredible performances coming through. Not running around with their hands in the air shouting Fire! Fire! and flinging the nearest player with an average over 30 at the team.


Battys test: 0-65, 1 run scored, not really what the doctor ordered. Presumably back to Ansari now, or perhaps Broad if hes fit, but thats got to be it for GazBats.

God I hope Ansari is healthy (what is it? illness? back? its-not-form-its-an-injury-honest-itis?), Batty just offers nothing. Big fan of him at county level, but he just offers nothing at test level beyond a modicum of control at one end, which just doesnt cut it. Probably vaguely capable of a decent 50 every now and again (like once a series), but he doesnt even offer anything for the future. The experience for Ansari would be great (assuming he doesnt pull a Kerrigan, poor lad)

I stand by everything I said before the test about our bowlers. Itd be worth giving Ansari the games for his career progression, although our strongest team, even in India, has 4 seamers, especially now Rashid seems to have found a bit more control/confidence.

Hmmm, Id still want that slow bowling safety blanket in case Rashid loses a bit of control/form mid game. Ali is just a bit too susceptible to four balls, to my mind anyway, and 4 seamers idk. Maybe, especially with Woakes and Stokes. I suppose Stokes was already bowling too many.

Would love to have Wood available and in form for this series.

coulda, woulda, shoulda! yeah, Wood would be useful in short bursts in two of the games. I bet that Hameed chap does something with the ball. The rest of his game seems more mature than most of our jokers.

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Sounds like theyre going to call at least someone up, with Gubbins and Jennings apparently being in with a chance, according to auntie Beeb.

On Duckett, was anyone else listening to the second test in Bangldesh, when we were 100-0 at tea, having just had Duckett bosh it around for a session? there was a panel, all singing his praises, claiming it had all come good for him and HE was the missing piece of the puzzle. Next ball he was out and then he was dropped two games later. Wonderful stuff all round.

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Seriously though - when was Finn ever going to play? How bad would things have to have to have gone?