🦗 cricket thread - T20 Worls Cuo special 🦗

Let’s agree the old thread in well and truly run out. VAR has spoken. It’s :cricket::cricket_bat_and_ball: time, baby. Hundred me this, world cup me that. Cricket.

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Some important games coming up for the final qualification spots for the one day cup tomorrow and Tuesday.

Warwickshire kept up the winning run the other day in a 10 over aside game, hopefully the ECB don’t get any ideas over a new format…



I might watch a Hundreds. I live in Croydon, who is my local team?

Also… cricket.

cant believe theyve closed the miracle thread.

who knows how many posts we could have made it to


Totally against the spirit of :cricket:

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cheers for this mods, brian lara is crying



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the duckworth-froglet-avery method strikes again


Bazball means casually breaking thread records then declaring, it’s just how cricket operates now.


I actually enjoy The Hundred, good length of time and close matches mostly.

I always think that they could award or dock points for wickets remaining, or say taking a wicket would taken 10 of their run total, so when they are smashing the ball it would bring in some need for caution.

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It’s meant to be a simple form of cricket, no need to bring extra calculations in would defeat the purpose, especially as that sounds like it would tighten up the fun.

Some brutal hitting in the last 20 by the KP Nuts. 26 from 4 balls and a free hit at one point.

Liking for the initial positivity.

Not this nonsense 1😉

Why would you want to do this?

If I was in charge, that haircut would be costing Curren penalty runs every time I saw him.

What’s Tom done now? He’s usually a sensible short one.

This attack is so demented we’re not even bothering to bowl Sam.

Edit: ok now we are.

It’s like he’s applied that principle to a mullet.

Lol so Neesham is their 8th choice bowler? That’s extremely silly.